In Spirit of Rio

Rio de Janeiro is the “Cidade Maravilhosa” (the anthem of the city) that welcomes all visitors with open arms. The magic of Brazil begins with its natural beauty, which has amazed all kinds of travelers – since the first explorers landed in this place in the 16th century. For more than 450 years, it has inspired countless artists, designers, and musicians. The imposing statue of Christ on the mountain of Corcovado, the endless jungle, the Amazon rainforest, the impressive churches with the baroque interiors, and the beautiful females on the beach, are some of the elements that we all more or less know about Brazil.


But the beauty of this place is hidden somewhere deeper. It lives in the generous hearts of the locals, who despite the intense class discrimination, never lose their morale, their smile, and their faith in life. But the transformation of all this culture, we would say is at the Rio Carnival, being the occasion to discover the other secrets of this place. A short trip to this rich culture is the volume of the publishing house Assouline “In Spirit of Rio.” A guide to the best hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions worth visiting.

Courtesy of Assouline

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