Inspired by Volkswagen’s iconic Beetle

Any kind of introduction is unnecessary when it comes to the Volkswagen Beetle. A legendary car that has been identified with generations of people and even today continues to attract new fans. This makes sense when you consider that it has been in continuous mass production for almost a century. Over the years, tens of millions of cars were built, most of them with the same pattern but with a few modern touches.

His great influence from time to time has led to inspiring creations. One such example is the above Go-Kart by Aldekas Studio. It’s a custom-made kart-type vehicle with a retro design, built to the standards of the Type 1 version. Borrowing the headlights for both the front and rear and “finished” in light green, it looks like a miniature version of the original. One of a kind, it promises not to leave fans of this timeless car everywhere unsatisfied.

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