La Dolce Vita

Both summer and nice music could change everything, especially the mood.
Two very difficult situations happened to me the previous days.
So, I was locked in the house without seeing or talking to anyone for three days.
I did a cleansing inside me,
and that helped me.
I was very involved with music and MANCODERADIO.
Music for me is travel, aesthetics, sensuality and it gives me a sense of magic.
While looking for new songs,
a song called “La Dolce Vita” and its amazing video made me suddenly happy. In the next moment, I was dancing alone, exorcising the depression.
Because happiness can be found in small moments.
I wish for a summer full of allegria, love, travel, music, and dance.
Have a beautiful summer.
Remember, live & love with style.

by Thalis Pitoulis
-Mancode Founder-

photo by Patrick Morin