Les Années Folles atmosphere

On the spot where Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois made her stage debut as Mistinguett in 1895, at the legendary Parisian music venue Casino de Paris, a stately restaurant has recently opened where the aura of a forgotten but glorious era is evoked. The Mistinguett restaurant lives up to its mythical glamour thanks to its theatrical décor, inspired by the Roaring Twenties by architects Hugo Vince and Adèle Nourry. The Casino de Paris has been a landmark of Parisian nightlife for over 130 years, dating back to the 18th century. Vince and Nourry have sourced archival photographs of Le Perroquet, as well as Parisian brasseries from the 1920s, giving the 130-seat restaurant a decidedly theatrical tone that creates the atmosphere of the Années Folles. Centered around a monumental Art Nouveau-style stained glass window installed in 1922 when the Casino de Paris was rebuilt by architect Marcel Oudin, the vaulted space above the music room is covered in a predominantly red color palette, velvet fabrics and Belle Époque-era details.

The chairs and two-tone tables with lacquered legs are paired with antiques from France, Italy and Belgium, including two stunning glass chandeliers made of feathers. A red and black leopard carpet, a luminous archway and a cloudy trompe l’oeil sky painted by visual artist Matthias Kiss on the vaulted ceiling add to the glamour of the space. Chef Etienne Daviau’s seasonal menu celebrates classic French cuisine with modern twists with signature cocktails named after famous showgirls such as Joséphine Baker and Zizi Jeanmaire, who brought the Parisian music halls of the 20th century to life, rounding off the magical evenings.

Photos Courtesy of Mistinguett