MG’s sport glory

The MGA 1500 roadster, introduced in the autumn of 1956 and equipped with the new 1,498 cc B-series engine, delighted the public with both its design and performance, but it was also the beginning of a crucial turning point for the MG Car Company, which was then going through a difficult period. Design-wise, the MGA, with its wavy lines, was a radical departure from the MG sports car designs that the brand’s loyalists had become accustomed to. Its styling was undeniably elegant and the aerodynamic design was considered groundbreaking for the era. The very short ground clearance gave a low centre of gravity, a feature that armed the MGA with very good grip and cornering ability. However, in addition to its market launch, it was immediately present at the 24th Mille Miglia race in May 1957, held on a route between Brescia and Rome, starting/finishing, in Brescia. A two-seater that honoured its British origins and the authenticity of a thoroughbred roadster with its presence is now hard to find as it graces private collections around the world.