Miss Moonshine

This is Miss Moonshine, and she looks like an original mahogany speedboat from the golden age of the 1920s.

In fact, Miss Moonshine was designed by Kevin Fitzke of Minnesota-based Fitzke Boatworks and is now taking orders for the summer delivery months of 2024.

Fitzke went and was mentored under renowned naval architect, Michel Berryer, who had been designing stunning yachts for 25 years for American boat builders Van Dam in Boyne City, Michigan. Working under Berryer, Fitzke learned the fundamentals of speedboat design, hydrodynamics and specialized CAD design.

Now back at the helm of Fitzke Boatworks, Kevin has been hard at work on his newest boat – and named it Miss Moonshine, a reference to the Prohibition era, which became the golden age of mahogany speedboats.


Images courtesy of Kevin Fitzke + Fitzke Boatworks