Morgan Worcestershire factory

The Morgan Motor Company has been located in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, for over a hundred years, nestled at the foot of the surprisingly steep hills of the same name. It was these same hills that the firm’s founder, Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, used as a testing ground for his first cars. These were light, efficient three-wheelers, with an innate sporting quality.

The first Morgan 4/4 (four wheels and a four-cylinder engine) was released in 1939, followed by a refined and uprated Plus Four model in 1952. The iconic Plus Four was released in 1950, and by the early 1960s had gradually evolved into a familiar and enduring form. Over 70 years, with diversions into Plus Eights (powered by a V8) and numerous variations, this is the car that continues to define Morgan in the modern mind.

Photos Courtesy of the Morgan Motor Company

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