REC Lotus 98T

There is little doubting that Ayrton Senna was one of, if not the, most iconic Formula 1 drivers of all time and if you’re looking to celebrate the talented Brazilian’s legacy, this first class Lotus 98T chassis no. 4 Watch from the guys at REC might just be the ideal means of doing it. Hewn from Lotus 98T chassis no. 4, the final black and gold JPS car in F1, raced by Senna in the closing eight races of the ‘86 season, this extraordinary timepiece has a backstory like no other and, with just 989 pieces being made, will fly off the shelves faster than Senna did off the grid.

The watch has been made in close collaboration with Classic Team Lotus and it is certainly one of the most impressive and eye-catching releases to date from Danish watchmakers, REC. Each watch boasts reforged aluminium from the original plenum tubes of the car. Housed in a sleek “glass box” case, the design elements of the timepiece reflect the spirit of this iconic racing vehicle.

Lotus constructed just four 98T cars for the 1986 season, labelled chassis numbers 1 through 4. Ayrton Senna drove chassis no. 4 in the last eight races, including the memorable Australian Grand Prix, which is renowned for its dramatic season finale.

This timepiece not only incorporates a genuine piece of F1 and racing history but also integrates numerous design elements that reflect the distinctive character and racing DNA of the iconic Lotus 98T.

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