Stylish steps

“Shoes are like friends, they can support you or leave you.” Undoubtedly well-polished, well-groomed leather shoes are a must for your look. Daily use of shoes – including handmade ones – leads to wear and tear: gradually you will see differences in shape, colour and often scratches appear. Their proper maintenance requires a specific process. To begin with, it is important to know that each pair needs to rest in shoetrees, which expel moisture and help the shoe to ventilate. In addition, they help them maintain shape and prevent any creases. At the same time, the polishing moisturizes the skin and gives them durability. For this process, you will need two brushes with natural hair: one to clean them from the powders and one to apply the cream on top. Before you start, leave the cream or polish in the sun (if possible) to soften it a bit. The longer you “work” the material onto the shoes, the more intense the polish. Finish with a cotton cloth to remove any polish residue.

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