The spirit for adventure

Conquering a summit, completing an epic hike or just enjoying nature with friends – these are all experiences enhanced with a snifter of whiskey and there are few brands more applicable to this sort of celebration than the guys at Whiskey in the Wild Co. Designed for those that possess the spirit for adventure, Whiskey in the Wild is a premium whiskey with extracts of chocolate, vanilla, blackberry, orange and black elderberry that delivers a palate-pleasing flavour blend.

Whiskey in the Wild’s acclaimed bottle, with a capacity of 750 ml, boasts a custom design featuring a pour spout specifically engineered for flask refilling. Constructed from an impressively robust 304 stainless steel, it is laser-etched and finished with a non-slip coating for enhanced grip. The design is completed with a logo-embossed band and a custom-etched wooden cork, marrying aesthetics with unparalleled functionality.

The whiskey is available in two different flavours – namely, Original and Twist of Orange – so you can opt for the one that best tallies with your tastebuds.

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