Timeless driving gloves

Going back to the 50s and 60s and if we take a look at speed racing, we notice that most drivers wear some specially made gloves during the race. With basic materials, fabric and leather were intended to protect the driver’s hands from the hard and wooden steering wheel and also to prevent any sweating of the extremities. It may have been more than 60 years but it seems that their influence still lasts. Not in racing but among classic car collectors, who when they take a rare acquisition out of the garage, always have it with them. In addition to the protection they provide, they are now also a stylish option that gives an extra vintage aesthetic to the steering wheel. This need is covered by the company Autodromo, which creates high-quality gloves that combine colored leather – burgundy or cypress – and beige knit fabric. A small opening in the wrist area ensures that you will always see the watch and never miss the time.