Two seat feeling

Designed entirely by Pinin Farina using a modified Sprint Coupe as the chassis, the Giulietta Spider was Alfa Romeo’s second post-war model. The small two-seater Sports Spider was introduced in 1955 at the insistence of New York importer Max Hoffman, who had seen the success of small British and German sports cars in America. The Giulietta Spider achieved remarkable performance (almost 160 km/h top speed) from only a 1.3 litre twin-cam engine, mounted in a steel body that weighed less than 862 kg. From the moment of its introduction, the Spider provided an exciting combination of character and design gaining instant admirers, with the Italian automaker going one step further by introducing the 1956 “Veloce” version which brought mostly mechanical changes increasing performance. Only 1,203 were produced, which remain today among Alfa Romeo’s most collectible. In this case, this Giulietta certainly doesn’t feel 67 years old with the associated improvements to both the bodywork and interior emphasising the timeless charm of the Italian sports car.