Woman of Straw

James Bond’s role was embedded in Sean Connery’s ‘identity’, making it difficult for him to meet the demands of different scenarios. His name was completely associated with Bond, so when the film “Woman of Straw” was released in 1964 didn’t receive much response, as the audience and critics were mostly inclined to greater commercial successes, which overshadowed the film.

In this movie, the imposing Connery plays Tony Richmond, a nephew of the tyrannical tycoon Charles Richmond (Ralph Richardson). Tony hates his uncle because he deprived him unfairly of the inheritance and because of his authoritarian and controlling behavior. As soon as Maria Marcelo (Gina Lollobrigida) makes her appearance as Charles’s nurse, Tony has already prepared for his revenge. He persuades Maria to marry his uncle, to inherit the untold fortune, and then share the profits. The wedding takes place, and the plan seems to be succeeding. However, when Uncle Charles gets murdered in his room, the movie gets a plot twist in the end.