Untold stories

“If you take away the fashion and the pretentious images, then you can see the real person.” A theory, a motto, on which German photographer Peter Lindbergh has carved out an important path in fashion. Not surprisingly, he is recognised as one of the world’s most influential contemporary photographers. His unorthodox portrayal of 80s and 90s models built a reputation for both them and himself. His narrative fashion series and revealing portraits continue to influence fashion photography to this day.

The exhibition “Peter Lindbergh untold stories” is designed to celebrate his legacy and offer a unique insight into his vast body of work, covering his career from the early 1980s until his death in September 2019. The exhibition, personally curated by the photographer, opened for the 1st time at the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf in February 2020 and has since travelled from Germany to Italy and Spain. It officially opened in December 2022 in Belgium, where it will drop the curtain next May and is hosted at the Espace Vanderborght museum.

The selection of photographs from Lindbergh’s work includes early and more recent works that present his unique perspective, exposing an unexpected side of his career. The exhibition includes not only the artist’s well-known career in magazines of international renown, but also many photographs that have never been exhibited before. “Untold stories” looks back at Lindbergh’s journey and reveals how his work transformed the fashion industry’s conventional standards for excessive photographic retouching. The exhibition was organised thanks to a partnership between the Peter Lindbergh Foundation, the City of Brussels and the Belgian event organisation Profirst and is part of a vision for the development of culture in Brussels.

Courtesy of  peterlindbergh-brussels.com