Zallinger Alpine retreat

Network of Architecture has added seven new alpine chalets to an extension of the Zallinger resort in northern Italy.

Located on one of the main ski slopes of the Seiser Alm, the area was originally occupied in the mid-19th century by a hut, a complex of seven barns that were later replaced by a large building and a church that remains intact.

NOA saw the project as an opportunity to “return to the roots of the place”.

The new chalets respect the original design of the site’s barns and are arranged in pairs, providing four new rooms each, for a total of 24.

The interior of the historic Zallinger Hut in the center of the complex has been completely remodeled to provide a restaurant, lobby, lounge and restaurant for both guests and passing skiers, complete with a giant fir log bar.

Wooden panels cover the walls and ceiling, behind which are sound-absorbing panels to help dampen sound. This is also achieved by using felt flooring, a traditional Alpine material.

Sustainability was a strong driver for many elements of the design, not only in the materials but also in the size of the spaces, with the aim of ‘providing high levels of comfort in relatively small spaces’. NOA also decided not to light the paths between each chalet to avoid light pollution.

Photos by Alex Filz