Staying in a Jenga tower

In the Tribeca area of ​​New York, a skyscraper is rising differently from everyone else.

On the 60th floor of the Leonard Street number 56 on the ninth and tenth floor, the common areas of the multi-storey building are distinguished for the design and facilities that they offer to the tenants.

The Swedish architects, Herzog & de Meuron, except the apartments, created a two-storey space that units with a circular staircase and features an indoor pool overlooking Manhattan, a yoga studio and a steam room to calm the spirit and body from the uncontrolled rhythms of the city that never sleeps, a theater with leather seats and a cinema for private presentation and projection of works, as well as a library and places for dining and recreation.

And all this in a building exterior to the Jenga game and the asymmetrical little towers made by the players.