Born To Be Blue

In the direction and script of Robert Budreau, the film “Born To Be Blue” was first screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015, enrolling among the best of both cinema and jazz lovers.

The film describes the life of the American musician Chet Baker, embodied by Ethan Hawke, through a very interesting filmmaking. Baker Jazzist appears to star in 1960 in a film that portrays his life. During filming he falls in love with his African-American co-star (Carmen Ejogo) who plays the role of one of his love affairs. Production is going well until an accident in the real life of the musician prevents him from committing himself to the big scene but also in real life since his ability to play music is not so much for granted.

A double- and triple-level movie on messages that wants to pass on to viewers often mixing the real with nonreal.