Drive – In Cinemas

In the 1950s, drive-in cinemas held a special place.

The young teenager boy making his rebellion left the narrow family environment in the evenings looking for a liberated form of art that did not enclose in walls and patrons.

Driving his restored car for which he felt incredible pride, with his girlfriend in his side, was driving up to an open parking space where a huge screen was placed in the middle of it.

Through this, they watched the new films screened in the big cities and dreamed of the future.

The cold coming out of the window, which should have been a little open for the microphone system, did not prevent them from enjoying the 7th Art that stood huge in front of them and tasted the junk food that naturally accompanied these going outs.

A flash back in this era of romance and truth with a little nostalgia and regret that we can not experience all this magic of the past.