A paradise lodge

Before one arrives at Kaju Green Eco Lodges just outside Galle on Sri Lanka’s south coast, one is not sure what to expect. The tuk tuk ride is adventurous to say the least. On a winding road through local villages deep in the forest, the short – but bumpy – ride from the main tourist strip to the private island inland is impressive. Kaju Green walks the fine line between luxury and untouchable. The kind of place where you go to escape but don’t feel trapped by the burdens that other, larger hotel chains seem to impose, such as timed Wi-Fi. In fact, Kaju Green is a bit like staying in a private home, but with better service and interiors that you really want to bring home. Open for just a year, the hotel is an eco haven, but with twists.

The villas, which overlook the surrounding lake and private gardens, are open to the elements, with interior and exterior wooden walls that allow the sounds of nature to penetrate. Chic and minimalist in design, the villas are a design enthusiast’s dream. In a country where architecture comes from a colonial past, it’s nice to see a fresh and modern take on what coastal hospitality (with an eco-friendly footprint) can look like. But the modernization doesn’t stop there. The rest of the hotel has an equally sophisticated style. In the common area, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, concrete slabs are combined with local woods for a sophisticated, yet totally natural look.

Photos Courtesy of kajugreen.com