A place for connoisseurs

One of the very few cocktail bars where the tradition and charm of the Great international bars are still alive today, is the Bar Basso in Milan, Italy. A meeting point for connoisseurs who still want to enjoy a flawless drink in style. For its sophisticated customers it was the first bar in Milan to introduce “Aperitif” into everyday life. While before the cocktails were served exclusively at the bars of international luxury hotels, the cocktails have also been served in this local neighborhood bar since 1947.

Today the Bar’s cocktail list includes more than 500 drinks, from the Great classics, such as Bloody Mary, Manhattan and Martini to Rossini Ice-Cream Mangia E Bevi cocktail, which was famous at the end of the 60s. And let’s not forget Bar Basso’s real trademark, Negroni Sbagliato. The bar has been managed by the Stocchetto family since 1967.

Bar Basso, via Plinio 39, Milano

All photos courtesy of bar Basso