A sophisticated Riad

By definition, the word “riad” translates as a traditional Moroccan house with many floors, which is clustered around an open-air courtyard with a fountain. Riads were once the estates of the wealthiest citizens, merchants and courtiers. AnaYela, a small 300-year-old palace in the heart of the Medina, the historic city of Marrakech, expresses through its architecture and its tradition the story of a girl named Yela who once lived in this house. The restoration of the riad took months and was carried out using only the traditional Moroccan style for which Marrakech is famous all over the world. A famous calligrapher hammered the story in silver letters on the huge doors inside the house, like the pages of a book. Every piece of furniture, every lamp, all the decorations, are individually handmade by Moroccan artisans. As a result, the house as a whole is in itself an impressive work of art. Here all one’s senses are captivated, emotions are awakened and released in this unique atmosphere. With Morocco renowned for the hospitality and friendliness of its people, at Anayela, the visitor experiences an authentic, cultural and luxurious experience.

Photos Courtesy of Riad AnaYela