Aegean invitation

The fruit of a remarkable collaboration between K-Studio, Studio Bonarchi in the field of interior design and styling of the owners of the space, which combines modernism with local tradition, was named Kalesma. Kalesma is not actually a hotel. It is a village, in the traditional Myconian sense of the term which redefines the concept of the large family home as an intimate hospitality destination that invites guests to connect with the essence of Cycladic life. Embracing the raw beauty of the barren rocky landscape and the dark blue sea, Kalesma has created a different experience of staying on a highly cosmopolitan island. With just 25 suites and two villas spread over five acres, Kalesma could be considered a private estate, carefully landscaped with 60-year-old olive trees, vines, bougainvillea and aromatic herbs. The designers have brilliantly married Myconian tradition with modernism, juxtaposing Rick Owens furniture and works by Serbian artist Aleksander Vac with organic interiors of marble, wood and sandblasted stone. Nearby a traditional stone “Aloni”, a circular structure used for grinding wheat into flour, has been preserved and reused as a meditative platform from which to enjoy the sunset.

Photos Courtesy of Kalesma