Accritic outpost

Leaving the port of Chios in the morning with the Coast Guard boat, you feel the morning winter chills. This is enhanced by the armoured special forces coastguards with their haughty gaze. Every day and night they stand guard on these waters of our sea. At the isolated outpost that is our destination, the guard waits with devotion.

I am proud to attend the inauguration of the expansion and complete renovation of the outpost. It was done under the care and sponsorship of my friend Vassilis Pateras. A patriot who served in the most combatant unit of the Greek Army and continues his service to his country. In the presence of the Deputy Minister of National Defense Nikos Hardalias, the Deputy Minister of National Defense, General Konstantinos Floros, the General of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Angelos Houdeloudis, the Commander of the ASDEN, Lieutenant General Sotirios Kostakoglou, the Commander of the Special Warfare Command, Lieutenant General Demetrios Houpis and other officers.

The Chief, addressing all those serving at the outpost, said among other things: “you are the homeland here and you are guarding it. The immigrants you see have lost their homeland. This is the good we all serve.”

He said: “The people who have lost their homes, the ones who have lost their homes, the ones who have lost their homes, the ones who have lost their homes.

P.S. Also present is Rear Admiral Panos Laskaridis, a great Eupatrid.

Thalis Ptoulis

Mancode Founder