Automotive library

There are some luxury and classic cars, that give a sensation of actual artworks, and there is a common belief that they should be treated accordingly. The same point of view is disclosed by a keen collector from Hong Kong, who got in touch with an award-winning multidisciplinary design agency, called “A Work of Substance”. His vision was to build a private showroom, which is extended in two levels of a six-story building, where he gathered his treasured vehicles. Home to priceless cars and memorabilia, he aims to celebrate its air of history and unfolds the fruitful narrative within. The interior reminds of a vintage Airstream, while the two elevators carry the vehicles from one floor to another. This “hidden gem” is a host place for eight cars, a bar, and a study area. Finally, the owner makes sure that all the interior pieces of furniture feel like Ferrari, while the tailored stools are made to remind of the car’s glow plugs.