CREAID “Memorabilia”

CREAID is a non-profit organization with a targeted humanitarian mission, which is served through creative and artistic initiatives. Its fundamental principle is “Create to Aid” and aims to combine creativity through artworks in order to help those in need. Artists, actors and celebrities from Greece and abroad donated collectibles for the needs of the 5th charity project.

The opening of the CREAID-Memorabilia Collection exhibition took place on Wednesday afternoon, April 5, at Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, where objects of well-known personalities from the fields of art, sports and politics were exhibited. Distinguished guests attended the auction, wanting to actively support this joint effort, with host Marina Vernikou attracting the attention of the attendees. The collectibles will be auctioned until April 10 and the proceeds will be donated to the “ELPIDA – Association of Friends of Children with Cancer. Among others, items have been collected from Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Maria Sakkari, Prince, David Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Fernando Alonso, Rafael Nadal, Lionel Messi, Jennifer Lopez, Maria Kallas and others.

Mancode music vibes by Thalis Pitoulis.

Photos Courtesy of George Papadakis