Why is everyone tired of Peter Morgan?

by Christos Zampounis

It seems a long time ago in 2006 when Helen Mirren played Queen Elizabeth II in Steven Frears’ film The Queen. The case, for those who haven’t followed it, refers to the events following the death of Princess Diana, namely the dispute between the monarch and Prime Minister Tony Blair, whether the funeral should be private or public. Although it touched on the intimate moments of a family, the royal family, which is “allergic” to the exposure of its inner workings, the film delighted Elizabeth, who even invited Mirren to dinner at Buckingham Palace. The same is not true of the TV series “The Crown”, which the now-exiled queen is rumored to have refused to watch, as have other members of the House of Windsor. What a coincidence! The screenwriter in both projects is the same person, Peter Morgan. What had intervened within these 16 years, so that from “Hosanna” we could reach “Stavroson”? The answer is Netflix. The first film performance of a living monarch had a British character, with all due respect for the institution. The second televised performance had an American essence, with all the dramatization that has made Hollywood the “Olympus” of entertainment. For four seasons unsuspecting viewers of the streaming platform believed that the events and dialogues shown were actual until this year they were forced, after strong pressure from the Palace, to add the indication that it is a product of fiction. Books and articles have been written about the historical inaccuracies of “The Crown”. But this is of secondary importance, compared to the saturation of the public, as I find it not only from myself but from talking to those around me. It’s like the frozen yogurts that once flooded the hinterland. Peter Morgan has run out of steam and run out of inspiration. The news that the filming of the 6th cycle has already started probably does not cause the same eagerness as in the past. Let’s see.