Italian 18th century sense

Built in 1787 on the shimmering shores of Lake Como as a private villa, it has now been transformed into a boutique hotel. The Passalacqua was created in the 18th century as a welcoming place of leisure and pleasure among acquaintances and friends, celebrating the Italian art of dolce far niente. In previous centuries, noble Italian families would move from the city to the country villa for the entire summer season, with friends, helpers and extended family. A few years ago, the villa was acquired by the De Santis family, owners of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, and retained the atmosphere of a private home, albeit with thoughtful modern touches. The land once belonged to Pope Innocent IX and Count Andrea Lucini Passalacqua built the famous villa which from that time was considered one of the grandest properties on Lake Como. It had interiors imagined by the famous Swiss designer Giocando Albertolli, and in its music room, Vincenzo Bellini composed his operas, Norma and La Sonnambula.

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