King Charles «in» Athens

By Christos Zampounis

In October 2022, Bonham’s Auctioneers sold a lithograph of King Charles for £5,737 via online auction. The interesting detail of the case lies in the starting price of the work: £600. The above information would not have been so important if Chrysanthi Limoux had not decided to organise an exhibition of 17 signed lithographs by the same artist in Athens on 29 June, more specifically at the Saint George Lycabettus Hotel. Charles III himself will certainly not be present at the event, hence the quotation marks in ‘in’. However, as we have had the opportunity to discuss with the energetic organiser, two relatives of the new monarch of the United Kingdom have been invited and may attend. Princes Paul and Nicholas of Greece.

The former has for a few years been the head of Prince’s Trust International, a charity Charles founded when he was Prince of Wales in the 1970s that helped put 1,000,000 young people into work. In Greece, the four programmes run under Paul’s supervision have succeeded in absorbing 3,000 young people into businesses based in our country. The Athens gala will have a different focus. All proceeds will be donated to the “Together for Children” Association, an organization made up of ten charities with a variety of activities. The decision to support a Greek charity and not one of the 420 charities that Charles III presides over is a simple demonstration of his love for the land of his ancestors. His father was Prince Philip of Greece, his grandmother Princess Alice of Greece and his great-grandfather King George I of Greece (1863-1913).

Gongrats Chrysanthi for the initiative!