Crying on the cameras, mourning in the empty rooms…

As we know, “the first sign of stupidity is a complete lack of shame.”

by Lambis Tagmatarhis

How is it possible that I can find out where a plane that passes over my house starts, where it goes and which airline owns it? How can I know the name of the ship I see off Lavrio, its photo, what flag it flies and how many knots it is sailing at? How and why did I have to text the state to walk my dog and it – the state – could not protect me from two trains that might be on the same line? Let me not write about the taxis, the goods, the food we order, that you can know at all times where they are: ‘Your order is received, your order is being prepared, the driver has started and will be at your place in ten minutes, the driver has arrived’.

In Greece, on the trains, in 2023: “The passenger train will start late – we don’t know how many people are travelling – we don’t know their names – the train has a fault – the train will start, “we’re going wherever it goes” – the station master “oh, my, traka” – the driver doesn’t answer – the train is due to arrive” – but it will never arrive. The minister weeps in front of the cameras and families mourn in the empty chambers of their children they will never see again. No matter how much blame is thrown at each other, no matter how many conversations between stationmasters about kebabs and ladies are aired, no matter what party the doctor who gave the stationmaster sick leave was, no matter how many unlikely and irrelevant details we learn NOTHING of substance will be learned.

Unless we learn that for years now there have been two trains – in our desolate country – running on the same line. One train moving on the line of common sense and the other moving on the line of absurdity… And when these, inevitably, collide, when logic and absurdity collide, then we live the Tempi centripetal – then we live mute and unable to understand, we live as dying and at the mercy of incompetent administrators, who in a few days WITHOUT DRAWBACK will beg us to vote for them “to save us”!!! But as we all know… “the first sign of stupidity is a complete lack of shame”. (source: