Lone star

Fast, lightweight, stable, made of spruce, weighing only 14 kilos and measuring less than 1 meter in length, which is unusual for such a fast surfboard, the Rio Grande – Lone Star Edition is the result of an exclusive collaboration between No 4 St. Jacob and Jarvis Board. Its decoration with the star on the bow is a symbolic nod to the state of Texas and specifically to the endless beaches waiting to be explored by aspiring surfers. Immediately after its release it managed to gain international media attention and was honored with a 2016 award by SUP Connect Magazine. It boasts high quality features such as handmade construction and eco-friendly materials. A detachable leather handle is placed in the centre and a small hole in the stern for attaching accessories, while the soft and non-slip cushioning can provide a few moments of relaxation in the water. The Rio Grande – Lone Star Edition is no ordinary board. Resistant to impacts, it seeks adventure on the most spectacular beaches.