Mauritius colors

In an environment that can only be described as a tropical paradise and inspired by the colour palette of the island, the boutique hotel SALT of Palmar is nestled on the east coast of Mauritius. London-based French artist and designer Camille Walala, in collaboration with architect John-François Adams, has transformed an old building into a contemporary riad-style structure. A striking retreat full of tropical hues and graphic motifs, a resort that retains both cultural authenticity and experientialism. Custom-made furniture made by local artisans, a salt treatment room (the first on the island) and a farm-to-table culinary philosophy without human intervention. Known for its distinctive murals, Walala has adapted its distinctive tribal pop style to the natural landscape and traditional island architecture. “People paint their houses in the most stunning tones that really stand out against the emerald green of the plants and the ever-changing colours of the sky,” she says. The riot of colour both inside and outside the hotel is balanced by a variety of mosaics and locally styled décor.

Photos Courtesy of Design Hotels