Nordic Eco-Cabin

Located on a rocky shore in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, Finnish architect Pekka Littow has decided to create a mobile cabin with almost zero environmental footprints, demonstrating how architecture and low-rise buildings can significantly effect on nature. This project, the Majamaja Wuorio Eco-Cabin, which is made of wood, draws inspiration from the Finnish archipelago, the traditional habitats but also from the way of life in which man is in complete harmony with nature.

Leaving a small imprint on the natural environment in which it is placed, the whole construction can be easily disassembled and moved. Its ecological character and innovative technology are enhanced by the sewage treatment system, which, after storing rainwater in the built-in tanks, then filters it and sends it to the shower and kitchen, thus saving a significant amount of water. As for the solar energy that is supplied to the cabin, it is done through modern solar panels and a fuel cell, completing the “green” design of the house.