Woody Allen’s rebuttal

On 20 August this year, Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales kissed his country’s women’s team striker Jenny Hermoso on the mouth to celebrate winning the World Cup. The incident took place in Sydney and the image made the rounds around the world, sparking a storm of reaction and forcing the Spanish government to sack the ‘vicious’ president. Interestingly, in the midst of the general outcry, a different voice was heard, which due to the dimensions of the speaker was highly publicised. “I believe that Luis Rubiales should not lose his job for a simple kiss,” said Woody Allen, the American director who was seen at the Herodium in his capacity as a clarinetist, in an interview. “The kiss on the player was wrong, but it didn’t burn down a school. He should apologize and move on. He didn’t hide and sneak her down a dark road. He didn’t rape her.”

This was preceded by Rubiales’ refusal to resign on the same grounds, the announcement by the women’s lacrosse team that they would strike, pressure from the World Football Association (FIFA) and Hermoso’s statement that the kiss was not consensual. The Spanish justice system took over the case and tried the outgoing president of the RFEF (Real Federacion Espanola de Futebol) for the offence of sexual harassment, while his mother went on hunger strike locked up in a church!