Taylor Swift on film

By Christos Zampounis

Following the screenwriters & actors’ three-month strike, which paralysed the Hollywood entertainment industry, the US movie theaters were filled again for a movie-concert. Americans, usually not indifferent to the economic dimension of things, noticed all the records that the 34-year-old pop and country singer has broken to date. First of all, she is the fastest rising artist of all time, surpassing Beyonce or Madonna in terms of earnings. On a second base, her most recent music tour, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” is expected to go through the roof in revenue, with an expected estimate of $1.4 billion. Moreover, her filmed concert at the “Sofi Stadium” in Los Angeles rose to the top of the genre since its opening screening in 3,855 theaters of the USA, striking a box-office of 95 million dollars, which is 70% of all of tickets, of all screenings. As a faithful listener Classical music, I must confess that I was completely unaware of the “Karma” performer – as she is described. But flipping through the New York Times yesterday, I could not help but notice the full-page tribute to Swift, with 1/3 of page no.14 taken up by a photo of her playing guitar while facing her audience. It is of course this very audience of 274 million followers on Instagram, among others, that rose her to the Olympus of the music industry. A phenomenon whose explanation can be easily understood if one listens to her songs and watches the videos on YouTube.