The inauguration’s uniform

By Christos Zampounis

The laisser-aller that prevailed in our country after the change of constitution from a Royalist to a Presidential Republic is the reason that today allows MPs to attend official ceremonies dressed as they please. “But, isn’t there a dress code?”, TV commentators asked after the swearing-in ceremony, rather hypocritically, with the answer leaving them with their mouths hanging open. No, there are no dress restrictions to enter the appealingly named Temple of Democracy. As if they didn’t know from the days of SYRIZA, and even before that, under the P.S.C. with the turtleneck, that the tie was a declared enemy. Of course, slowly, with the urbanisation of the Radical Left party, neckties began to make an appearance, except for the loyal leader Alexis Tsipr

This morning I was watching the MP of Heraklion, Harris Mamoulakis, on a mainstream channel and I was impressed by his good looks. I thought he belonged to the government camp. Phew! It was SY.R.I.ZA. Pleissis Eleftherias, a child from the guts of the Coalition, since its president is the daughter of the former president of the political formation, continued the “revolutionary” tradition, with two of its elected representatives causing a variety of comments because of their appearance. It is not so important that their names be mentioned, nor that the column be turned into a fashion police. The whole point is that in this country we have reached the point where everyone thinks they can do anything, anywhere, anyhow. This is not called freedom, but defiance, pour epater les bourgeois, to supposedly astonish the bourgeois.