Tropical breeze

Constructed of massive materials that do not require special treatments or maintenance, accepting aging and time as part of the architectural process, CASA WO is a one of a kind beach house. Designed by French architect Ludwig Godefroy, the exterior of the building appears as a completely solid mass of concrete, interrupted on one side by a pair of openings containing sturdy wooden doors. Godefroy configured the house to provide privacy for the residents, upending the traditional layout of a property by moving the backyard pool-garden to the front to act as a link to the street. The garden leads to a bridge that crosses the pool courtyard and is flanked on either side by steps that rise to the roof of the building. The outdoor space at the rear of the building hosts a large, low table made from the trunk of the ‘Parota’ tree (Enterolobium Cyclocarpum) that forms the focal point of the communal space. Carefully placed openings in the walls and ceilings of the various rooms allow daylight to flow unhindered through the space. CASA WO is located in Puerto Escondido – a seaside town in the province of Oaxaca – that celebrates traditional Mexican aesthetics.

Photos Courtesy of Casa Wo