What Saint Tropez voted for

by Christos Zampounis

Last Sunday, the first round of parliamentary elections in France took place. I was intrigued by the result in a small fishing village on the C .te d’Azur, about Saint Tropez, which made Brigitte Bardot famous all over the world. The reason; A candidate, Eric Zemmour, a journalist who, like the signatory, made a career in “Figaro Magazine”.

Founder and president of the “Reconquete” party ran in the April presidential election and received a not inconsiderable percentage of 7.07%. In the parliamentary elections the percentage increased to 23.19%, but Macron’s candidate surpassed him with 28.51%, while Le Pen’s candidate came second with 24.74%. These in the District of Var, where the Right, to which Zemmour belongs, traditionally prevails. Unfortunately for him, only the first two candidates have the right to appear in the second round, so he is comforted by the first place in Sain Tropez. The approximately 4,000 inhabitants of the cosmopolitan destination chose him for his political ideas, which are summed up in his opposition to the “demographic tsunami” of immigration and the “French pseudo-elite” as he calls it, while advocating for traditional institutions such as the family, and the assimilation of foreigners into the French way of life. Finally, he found himself in the spotlight when he asked on a TV show to give Christian names to his newborn compatriots, addressing the columnist Hapsatoy Sy.

The continuation of his career policy is expected with interest, as he expresses a strong anti-systemic current in his country.