When and where do we wear Bermuda shorts?

by Christos Zampounis

I spent a morning, let’s not exaggerate, from 9 to 11, looking for the word bermuda in the specialized international bibliography. Caution! Not on the internet, but in actual books. Most guides did not even include it in their material, such as Baroness Nadine de Rothschild’s “bible”, “La Bonheur de seduire, l’ art de reussir”, i.e. “The happiness of seduction, the art of success”. Others, like “The Quintessential Gentleman” have laconic comments, along the lines of “I’ll do anything to avoid unwanted comments about my calves.” Tatiana Tolstoi includes the men’s bermuda in the hot items, along with the women’s shorts with floral patterns. On a somewhat more indulgent note, Debrett’s, “Guide for the Modern Gentleman” draws attention to bermudas that reach below the knee, the famous three-quarter length trousers. “Leave it to the women,” she advises. What, then, is rigor for, the Greek reader with pure intentions will ask? The answer is simple. These guides are addressed to a specific audience that lives in a particular climate, that of the Northern Hemisphere, and moves through the urban fabric of specific districts. Let me give an example, to be more clear. It’s different to walk around in Bermuda shorts on Park Avenue in New York than to do the same in Brooklyn.

But let’s come to Athens. In the summer, long pants are in the minority if a poll is taken. One only has to take a walk in central streets, such as Paneseptimiou, to realize the “Stalinist” proportions of Bermuda. Especially in our country, after the Postcolonization, the established dress codes had been in effect since the Liberation collapsed. The laisser aller engulfed Greek society, with the “dissidents” resorting to the Athenian Club or the Naval Club of Greece to maintain the traditional dress code. But let’s not lose hope. The style, as served by today’s website and magazine “Mancode”, will always have its devotees, who have the knowledge of when, how, where and, above all, until what age, we wear bermuda shorts.


PS Our editor Thalis Pitoulis prefers Bermuda when we step on the sand.