When and where do we wear shorts?

by Christos Zampounis

1. When we have been crowned
beauty pageants until the end of his decade
2) In adolescence and preadolescence.
3) When we participate in a representation of it
Battle of El Alamein (s.s.: Men’s only).
4) On any vessel (yacht, sloop, boat)
5) In team sports activities
such as football,
basketball, football, boxing, etc.
6) Indoors, especially when there is an imminent
scheduled power outage.
7) At a fashion show.
8) In the office, when our position does not
provides contact with the public.
9) When we fish.
10) When our circumference is smaller
than the Region of Central Macedonia.

11) On the field at certain gates, the
summer months.
12) Para thin’ alos.
13) When we are waitresses in specialist centers
14) On Instagram, as one of the “uniforms”
of influencers (s.s.: Women’s only).
15) When your last name is Monopoly.
16) At the island parties.