Russian Black Power

In the legendary Star Wars movie, motorcycles are not in the play. But if they were sure the role would take the Ural Dark Force motorcycle. She has been inspired by the popular series of films. Since 1941 when the brand was founded, its motorbikes have evolved into ideal ambassadors of the heavy Russian industry: they are slow, difficult to handle, old-fashioned. However, they have a unique, unsurpassed character that, against any prediction and logic, makes them still popular today not only to the lovers of the two wheels but also to those who appreciate all that original. This was designed for the premiere of “The Force Awakens” and the company produced only 25 copies. It is powered by a 750cc 4-cylinder boxer engine and features a projector led. She can transfer two people, one back to the driver and one to the wheelchair. Price at 14,000 euros.


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