Beauty and Disaster

Fashion, still life, portraits, nudes, beauty, cigarettes and debris. Beautiful and at the same time catastrophic views and ideas penetrate the work of the 20th century photographer Irving Penn as he is presented in an honor-exhibition of his work to the Grand Palais in Paris.

With experiments not only in photography but also in painting, I.P was among the artists who were interested in detail. He did not hesitate to portray every point of the woman’s body or the object that interest him without stops and taboos.

Choosing a soft gray or white background put his objects and bodies in a way that did not hide anything and left the light and the lens to work on his models and reveal to eyes their perfect imperfection.

Leading into this, it soon became famous in the fashion industry. He collaborated with Vogue magazine, designer Issey Miyake and Clinique, creating no indifferent works.

Two hundred and thirty – five photographs of his and some personal drawings and paintings will be presented in an extremely interesting exhibition in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and The Réunion des Musées nationaux-Grand Palais, and the Irving Penn Foundation in the Grand Palais by January 29 2018.

If you find yourself in the city of lights do not miss the chance to “get to know” Irving Penn.

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