The road ahead…

By Apostolos Kotsabasis

You are following a path in your life. It looks like a contract. With defined terms. Clear and not exact. Along the way you find that they change. Without being asked. Or before you know it. Or you change and they don’t. The context in which you learned to operate is no longer the same. The contract doesn’t cover you. Its rules play a limiting role in your creativity. But you have already travelled part of the way, which is your due, based on facts that no longer exist. You have made “contracts” with others. Your wife, your children, the state, the banks, the company, and the list goes on. So here is the tipping point. Things are leading you to counter-contravention. To seeing your world from a different angle. To setting new coordinates. Only there’s another problem. You’re not the same. You’re someone else. But remember the young boy you were. Take his “forgotten” energy and use it today, but with the eyes of a mature man. Combine it with experience. Move towards a new path.

Every era brings out a different approach and interpretation of the established way of thinking. Many years ago Jack Kerouac expressed unconventionality before it even came as a current in society. Some of what he expressed can be interpreted today in the light of contemporary events. Some nuggets of gold for the new roads that await us.

Because, as he used to say, great things are not achieved by those who attach value to trends, fashions and public opinion. They are achieved by people who are crazy about living, wanting everything at the same time. People are like dogs, they are not gods. If you don’t get wild, they will bite you. But stay wild and they will never bite you. Dogs have no respect for humility and sadness. Therefore, experience the travel, the adventure, feel blessed and don’t apologize. There was nowhere to go but everywhere. So keep moving under the stars. Nothing behind me, everything is in front of me, as it is so always on the road. Because in the end you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing the lawn. Get the fuck up the mountain.