Males do not need a world day

At a time when standards are lacking, Style and Elegance tend to – if not disappear – dramatically alter and become a massive garment that unfortunately accompanies uncompromising ways, the world’s man’s day is still celebrated. The question, however, beyond which man actually celebrates today is another, deeper. Should someone celebrate? Should something billions of years on earth have a special day? And if so, why?

Being a man is definitely a sexual feature but his expression is a matter of education and cultivation. From taking time to unnecessary celebrations and events, I think it would be best to stick to creating the pattern that is truly worthwhile to celebrate and is no more than that of the noble but cruel, emotional but also decisive, “beautiful” and “ugly ” male.

Difficult to find a patchwork of all these in a person but who said that man is an easy being? Besides, is not that his charm?

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